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Richmond Carpet Cleaning

Rugs have variety of uses, ranging from door mats to wall art. Rugs get dirty just like carpets. If your rugs are dirty or stained give us a call. In addition to carpet cleaning, we provide outstanding rug cleaning services to our customers.

Rug Cleaning

Works Of Art Need Special Protection

Carpet cleaning and rug cleaning in Richmond Texas aren't always the same thins. Rugs are made out of many types of materials. You can depend on us to know which approach works best for cleaning your particular rug.

When it comes to rug cleaning houston and Richmond TX, remember, not all cleaners work on all rugs. Area rug cleaners may be too harsh to use on a delicate oriental rug. A cleaner formulated for Persian rugs may not be strong enough to get an outdoor rug clean. You can depend on us to select the cleaner that's best for your rugs.

Oriental rug cleaning presents special challenges. Some of these rugs are quite old and have historical significance. Many older oriental rugs are considered to be true works of art. The older ones can be composed of delicate materials like cotton, wool, or silk. A stain of any sort can have a serious impact on its value. Removing a stain from an Oriental rug should be left to a professional. The same thing is true when it comes to Persian rug cleaning. Persian rugs are similar in many respects to Oriental rugs. They often feature intricate Islamic design work with vivid, complex patterns. A well maintained Persian rug can last for a long time - there are some over a 1000 years old! With a regular rug cleaning, who knows? With the proper care your Persian rug might last that long!

Don’t Let The Rug Be Pulled Out From Under You

In addition to cleaning solutions, we also at Richmond Texas Carpet Cleaning utilize special rug cleaning devices. Rug steam cleaners are one of the main tools we use to get your rugs their cleanest. Other devices include vacuum and portable spot cleaners. You can rent or purchase these items yourself, but you may not know how to use them to their full advantage. You could end up ruining your rugs. Get professional help. Richmond TX Carpet Cleaning can get all your rugs their cleanest. Our state of the art equipment and years of experience will provide you with the best results!

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